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iCharge xServ is the developer's solution for building custom transaction functions into any website or software application.
It provides a flexible programming interface for back-end integration of your custom application to our transaction engine.
Using industry standard interfaces, iCharge xServ supports all server platforms and programming languages.

iCharge xServ Web Service

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A server-to-server Application Programming Interface (API) to support your custom business application.
Full range of standard transaction functions including Payments, Refunds, Queries and Account Administration.
Includes Tokenization functions for storing card data, charging tokens and managing tokens. See Token Payments.
Integrates to any technology and programming language. API based on industry standards like SOAP, WSDL, XML.
On-demand transaction service that can be initiated by people, processes or programs.
Operates under the covers of your application, allowing you to design your own unique user interface.
xServ Driver development tool provided to help you analyse and understand xServ behaviour.
Numerous security features including high-grade encryption, requester authentication and IP Address locking.

Security Considerations
As xServ operates from your server, you will need your own encrypted connection to securely transport the user's card data from the browser back to your server before passing it over to xServ. We recommend 128-bit encryption as a minimum.

We can provide SSL certificates from the major Certificate Authorities. See our SSL Certificates page. Alternatively, discuss your requirements with your hosting provider.

PCI compliance is very costly and time-consuming. If you do not store any credit card data on your site, you can avoid the most onerous parts of PCI compliance. Store card data in the secure iCharge Card Store instead of in your own system by using the Tokenization functions provided by xServ.

You can refer to stored cards using Tokens. A token is a unique key assigned to represent each stored card that you can safely store in your system because it cannot be used to perform unauthorized transactions.