Merchant Administration
Taking your customers' payment is a great start, but there's more to running your business.
PayManager is the Merchant Administration System that helps keep your business running smoothly with minimum effort.
Rich in function yet easy to use, PayManager is the hidden gem behind iCharge.
PayManager can provide all the functionality you need under one roof, so you don't have to build your own back-end system.

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PayManager is your Control Panel in the cloud, so you don't have to stay back in the office. Keep track of your business from your computer or tablet 24X7 from anywhere.
Multi-User System allows delegation of roles to others in your business without loss of control. Allow or restrict functions to each role so that each user can only see and do what they're supposed to.
Track all your transactions: search, sort, list and view details.
Mark off each order fulfilled as part of your order handling workflow.
Download transaction batches as CSV file if required.
Tag each transaction with whatever order details and customer details you need to fulfill the order, so you don't need another system to manage your sales and orders.
Mobile ID and Geo Location: Keep tabs on your mobile workforce - identify the user and location of each transaction to monitor sales performance and territory coverage. If transactions are made from GPS smartphones, view location of transaction superimposed on Google Map.
Refunds: Keep customers happy by making quick refunds if necessary. With just a few clicks, make full or partial refunds on any successful payment. Tax Adjustment Note emailed to customer if purchase included GST.
Reports: Get facts and figures you need on demand: sales volume, sales rep performance, bank reconciliation, GST preparation, statistics, sales trend and more.
Sub Merchants are extra Merchant ID's you can define under your account to represent different business units, projects, subsidiaries or websites, but all sharing the same Merchant Account at the bank. Can also be used for other businesses where you are authorised to act as their merchant.
System Controls to set options and preferences to customise iCharge to your business requirements.
Mobile Controls to take charge of your mobile workforce.
Create, update, delete, control all mobile users under your account.
Token Management: View, create, update, delete card tokens that you have stored under your account. Customise and activate automatic card expiry date reminders to keep cards current.
AutoCharge: Define and manage all your recurring charges and apply them to Tokens. Download automatically scheduled charges as a CSV file.
Skin the hosted payment page for iCharge Web Classic with custom logo, borders and colours to match your site.
Virtual Terminal is launched from PayManager. Virtual Terminal lets you use any computer web browser in place of an EFTPOS machine to submit transactions. Supports USB card swipe reader. Prints receipt to the computer's printer.
Development Tool: The xServ Driver is a development and testing tool that fires xServ transactions under your control. Works like a tennis ball machine to help developers analyse system response.
Taking Care of Business

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