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Does your business need to make credit card charges on a recurring basis, multiple times, or at some time in the future?
Don't risk storing card data on your system where it may become a target for online thieves.
Store it in our secure iCharge Card Store and exchange it for a Token, then store the Token instead.

A Token is a unique key that refers to a credit card that is stored in the iCharge Card Store. Each stored card is assigned a token that your application can safely store in your system since the token cannot be used anywhere else or to pay anyone else.

Whenever you need to charge the stored card, your application issues a payment request quoting the token and the amount to be charged. iCharge uses the token to unlock the card details and processes the payment in the usual way.

Token Payments may be accessed directly through the PayManager User Interface, integrated to your application through the xServ Application Programming Interface, or automatically scheduled using the AutoCharge service.

An automated card expiry alert service is included to remind cardholders when their cards are nearly expired or have expired.
Access Tokens directly using the PayManager User Interface
  Using PayManager you can manually search, list, view, create, edit and delete Tokens. You can also process charges against any of your Tokens. The PayManager UI provides a quick and simple way to manage and charge Tokens, and is recommended in the following situations:
  • Customer registrations and payments are ad-hoc
  • The timing and amount of transactions is unpredictable in advance.
  • Token management and transactions are dependent on some other manual workflow, for example a call centre.
  • The volume of activity is low and can be easily handled manually.
  • As a tool to manually verify, override or correct other automated processes.
Integrate to your Application through the xServ Application Programming Interface
  The xServ API provides the same set of Token functions as the PayManager UI, allowing you to manage Tokens and process Token transactions under control of your server application. xServ integration is recommended in the following situations and examples:
  • Recurring charges that vary from one period to the next, like billing applications.
  • The timing and amount of transactions is unpredictable in advance.
  • Token management and transactions are triggered by other software, for example an e-commerce application for member purchases against a stored card, or automatic top-up of prepaid accounts.
  • Business models like Group Buying or Crowd Funding, where charges are conditional upon reaching a sales target.
  • Dynamic pricing models like marketplaces and auctions, where the final amount and/or customer is not known until the deal is closed.
  • Generally, any situation where your application determines who, when and how much to charge.
Automate scheduling of transactions with the AutoCharge service
  AutoCharge is a transaction scheduling service that makes use of Tokens to process recurring transactions. AutoCharge is simple to use and reliable in operation, and is recommended in situations where the timing and amount of transactions are known in advance, for example:
  • Membership subscriptions of any kind
  • Instalment, rent and premium payments
  • Deferred charges, where a predetermined amount is to be charged some time after the card details are taken
  • Pledges for regular contributions, for example charity donation programs
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