Primary Merchant AUD ex GST
One-time Primary Merchant Setup 90.00
Per Month 15.00
Per Mobile User 0.00
Per Payment Transaction 0.50
Per Refund Transaction 0.50

  • You must first set up as a Primary Merchant.
  • A Primary Merchant is linked to your merchant account at the bank.
  • For most businesses, a Primary Merchant is all you need.
Sub Merchant AUD ex GST
One-time Sub Merchant Setup 40.00
Per Month 7.50
Per Mobile User 0.00
Per Payment Transaction 0.50
Per Refund Transaction 0.50

  • Sub Merchants can only be defined under a Primary Merchant.
  • A Sub Merchant uses the Merchant Account of its parent Primary Merchant rather than its own Merchant Account.
  • Sub Merchants are useful for managing separate streams of income, multiple websites or subsidiary businesses, all belonging to the same parent business, to avoid the need for multiple merchant accounts.
Get a free trial account now. Pay nothing until you activate live transactions.

Simple and affordable for even the smallest businesses.
Great value and advanced features for large companies.
Just pay as you use, no volume pre-commitment. Low volume merchants welcome.
Unbeatable setup charge.
No per-user charge. Just add more users as your mobile workforce grows.
Everyone starts free. Pay nothing until you've organised your merchant facility and you're ready to activate.
Flexible pre-paid account system. Top up amounts and frequency to suit your level of usage.
No contract period, no termination fee. Cancel anytime if it doesn't work out. Any unused account credits will be refunded.
How you pay for iCharge
Funds from your transactions do not pass through us, it goes straight to your bank and we do not touch it.

All usage charges are deducted from your Client Account, similar to a prepaid phone account. Just top up your Client Account whenever it runs low in order to keep iCharge working for you. Your Client Account sends you an email reminder, and optional text reminder, when it dips below an alert level which you can set.

Top up your Client Account by any amount, in any of the following ways:
  • Log in to pay online by credit card.
  • Bank transfer specifying your Account ID.
  • Through your mobile phone using any version of iCharge Mobile.
  • Automatic Top Up
Auto Top Up is the most convenient way to manage your Client Account. Register your own credit card, and nominate a trigger level and a top up amount. When your Client Account drops below your trigger level, the top up amount is automatically charged to your card and you receive a Tax Invoice by email. Your Client Account is always kept in credit without any further attention from you.