Affiliate Program
iCharge is the only payment gateway in the market offered as a white-labelled service that you can on-sell under your own brand. As an Affiliate, you are more than just a reseller - you become a Virtual Service Provider to your clients. Our Affiliate Program is a unique opportunity to provide a solution to the business community that you reach, whether they are your customers, associates, members or industry group.

Who should become an Affiliate?
Web Developers

Your clients are your natural market. If online payment is required, integrate iCharge to your client's website to provide a total solution for their business needs.

iCharge front-end APIs give you complete creative control of the user experience, whether you are building the website from scratch or using templates such as WordPress.

Hosting Providers

Payment Gateway services are a natural extension of your core business for your e-commerce clients, dragging along other value-adds such as SSL and potential server upgrade.

iCharge works within any hosting environment, whether shared server, virtual server or dedicated server.

e-commerce Consultants

iCharge supports a wide range of payment scenarios from simple one-off payments to complex chained transactions triggered by time or event. One account includes all payment solutions to support clients with multiple payment channels.

Using our Client Account Management System, you can independently create custom payment solutions for your clients' unique needs at any time.

Software Developers

iCharge offers client-side APIs or server-side APIs that will work with any software stack. Whether you are building web applications, in-house client applications, mobile apps or embedded applications, you can integrate iCharge services into your own product and deliver a complete branded solution for your clients.


Extend your franchise offering with the addition of online or mobile payment to provide even more value to your franchisees.

If your franchisees are independent businesses, their payments flow directly to their banks, yet you maintain oversight and management of the system.

IT Support Services

You see business clients every day and you know their needs. Many small businesses need a more efficient way to handle their customer payments.

Add iCharge to your kit bag so you can help them streamline their business processes. One more problem solved!

Market Makers

With the rise of the sharing economy, online marketplaces provide a platform for a community of members to trade with each other.

As a Market Maker, integrate iCharge to your marketplace software and provide the means for buyers to pay sellers either directly or through your account.

Portal Operators

The value proposition to your business tenants is further enhanced if your portal takes care of their income stream.

Powerful iCharge capabilities such as multi-merchant payments and deferred payments allow you to design advanced solutions such as split shopping carts and installment plans.

Event Organisers

In trade shows and expos, you can provide your exhibitors with a payment solution so that they can sell directly from the exhibition floor.

Market/Mall Managers

Whether you're managing a shopping mall, a craft fair or a farmers market, provide an easy way for sellers on the floor to sell their wares and take payments on any mobile phone or computer.

Industry Associations

You represent your industry and understand their needs. A payment system adapted to the needs of your industry and provided at scale to your members can save costs and improve their cash flow.


As an aggregator, you bring many businesses together under one roof to reduce cost and access larger markets. Offering your clients an online or mobile payment solution as part of your package is one more way to reduce cost and improve efficiency.


Do you have a business network where you are in a position to sell online or mobile payment services to multiple businesses? You are welcome to become an Affiliate.

Why become an Affiliate?

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